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We’re used to seeing a fly or two in our homes or offices during the spring or summer months when these pests are most common. A true fly infestation can involve hundreds or even thousands of the insects. They are attracted to a variety of substances including garbage, fruit, and decaying matter. They breed incredibly fast and can take over a small space in almost no time at all. Flies can contaminate your food and your living environment and need to be eliminated.

Our Fly Pest Control Service Can Help Your Property

Whether you are experiencing a fly infestation in your home, office¬†or other location, our fly pest control service can help. We’ll work to eliminate their breeding sites as a crucial element to controlling the fly population. Then we’ll treat their resting areas with our environmentally sound methods that don’t put you, your family, or your pets at risk. Using these steps, we’ll efficiently remove flies from your property and help you take steps to ensure they won’t be coming back.

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Our team is experienced and knows how to eliminate and prevent fly infestations from your residential or commercial property. You can call us or contact our team through our website for a consultation on our fly removal services. You’ll be working with a pest control company that’s built a reputation on our ability to detect, eliminate and prevent pests throughout the New York City area.