Get the Pest Control Product You Need to Stay Pest-Free

After other pest control companies in New York have treated your home or office for bed bugs, they pack up their stuff and go home. That’s not how OnGuard Pest Control works. We want to help you prevent bed bugs from coming back, so we go the extra step of providing you with products that can help you make your home or office an unwelcoming environment for bed bugs. For homes that have been invaded with bed bugs, we offer protective mattress and box spring covers that surround your bed and keep bugs out, giving you more peace of mind the next time you lay down. Once we’ve eliminated these pests, these protective covers are your first line of defense against another infestation.

OnGuard Goes the Extra Mile to Keep You Protected

Along with our pest control products, we also offer on-going preventative treatments to ensure that no pests have a chance to invade your home. You can sign up for our monthly pest control management services and our experienced and knowledgeable team will visit your location each month to spray, set traps, and eliminate pests. We use environmentally sound pest control solutions, too, so you don’t have to worry about their impact on you, your family or your pets.

Call About Our Pest Control Products Today

OnGuard Pest Control is building a reputation as a pest control company in Staten Island that provides the best customer service and does more for their customers. We want you to have everything that you need to feel comfortable and be pest-free in your home or office. Give us a call for a free pest-control consultation or to learn more about our pest control products today.