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Our story

OnGuard Pest Control provides the highest level of customer service and unmatched experience and professionalism. We offer the best pest control solutions, ensure the safety of our customers, their families, pets, and the environment, and work in both residential and commercials settings.

OnGuard Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control business that has been helping people live more comfortable lives within their home and work place for more than four decades. Our dedication to excellence begins with superior customer service and compassion and through professional principles that are unmatched by our competitors. Every OnGuard Pest Control team member is certified as pest control applicators so that regardless of whom you speak to, you can rest assured you are receiving knowledgeable and professional advice.

We provide the highest level of quality and care to residential and commercial properties. We treat your home or office as though it were our own and we believe that is the cornerstone of a quality relationship. Our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently detect and eliminate pests in any environment or structure.

From rats and mice to bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and more, OnGuard Pest Control is determined to help you live pest free, protect your most valuable assets, and keep your home or office free of the harmful effects that pests can cause. When you are ready to take control of your home again, call OnGuard Pest Control. We’re here to serve you. OnGuard Pest Control is a member of PPMANYC (Professional Pest Management Association of New York City) as well as LIPCA (Long Island Pest Control Association) and is licensed and insured in New York and New Jersey.

Our staff

When you have the best staff working for you, it means that you can provide the best service in the industry. Our staff at OnGuard Pest Control are all certified pest control applicators, which means that whomever you speak with on the phone or by email will have direct knowledge that is vital to solving your pest problem. Todd Corsello leads our operations and was mentored by the Director of Quality Assurance, Daniel McGuiness who has held certification as a pest control applicator in many categories since 1972. Daniel has been on the Board of the Pest Control Association of New York City for many years. Every staff member is chosen because he or she holds the same high standards and values of these two men and that assures our customers that they will receive the best care and service possible.

Past accomplishments

On the upper east side of Manhattan, a high-rise building was to be used for dormitory housing for college students. The owners of the building hired a very large and well-known pest control company, but after two years of endless complaints, they gave up and called OnGuard Pest Control. We went in and in less than two weeks had removed all rodents and pests and continue to provide service for this building to this day.

Parker and Todd have logged over 2,500 hours of inspections from Rockefeller Center to Wall Street, hotels, colleges, residences, and even large banks in New Jersey.

A Section 8 high rise building in the city had a bed bug infestation. Before OnGuard Pest Control was called, it had spread to three floors and over 25 apartments. We identified the infested apartments and treated the problem. In under one month, the bed bug infestation was eliminated.

OnGuard Pest Control eliminated a rat infestation of over 1,000 rats in the basement of a city building after several other pest control companies had failed.

A public library was infested with bed bugs. We came in and removed over 300,000 books, placed them in storage, and fumigated to remove the infestation.

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