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ant service - Prospect Heights

Ants can make your sweet home a sour one.

Ant Control in Prospect Heights, NY

Here in New York City, ants often rely on our buildings for food and shelter, and they can become a significant household nuisance. If you have ants invading your apartment, house or condo in Prospect Heights, it's likely that they'll introduce dangerous bacteria to your home and possibly damage your property as well.

Because ants live in colonies of tens of thousands, eradicating them all is a big challenge. That's why your best option is always to work alongside an experienced team of ant exterminators in Prospect Heights to make your home ant-free.

Reliable Ant Extermination

OnGuard Pest Services provides a full range of ant control services in Prospect Heights. To begin, our team will perform an inspection of your house, condor or apartment to find out where the ants' entry points are and what's drawing them in. Our exterminators will apply top-grade treatments and traps to get rid of all the ants invading your home. To keep the problem from recurring, we'll remove any ant nests that we find on your property.

Our team cares about the environment and our customers, so we always work with the most environmentally friendly ant control products. Our ant extermination services in Prospect Heights are risk-free for your family and pets.

Brooklyn’s Leading Ant Control Company

An ant presence can contaminate your clean home with bacteria that leads to disease. Contact OnGuard Pest Services today to schedule licensed and insured ant control services in the Prospect Heights area!

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