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Bed Bug Control in Prospect Heights, NY

Having a bed bug infestation in your home in Prospect Heights can prove to be a nightmare for everyone who lives there. Bed bugs drink our blood as we sleep, leaving behind itchy welts. The presence of bed bugs in a home has also been found to cause anxiety and insomnia.

Getting rid of bed bugs with DIY methods is nearly impossible. The only surefire way to rid your house or apartment of these bloodsucking pests is to get help from a licensed and insured bed bug control company in Prospect Heights.

Effective Bed Bug Control

At OnGuard Pest Services, our technicians know all the best techniques to exterminate bed bugs from homes in Prospect Heights. First, our team will inspect your apartment or house to find out if the bed bugs are contained to a single room or have spread throughout your property. Based on our findings, we'll execute the most effective bed bug treatment strategy to thoroughly eradicate these pests from your home.

Since bed bugs will always be a problem in large urban areas like New York City, our professionals can pest-proof your home in Prospect Heights to mitigate the risk of a future infestation. Sign up for our ongoing pest control services if you want to keep your property bed bug-free for good.

Brooklyn's Best Bed Bug Exterminators

You shouldn't be losing sleep over fear of bed bugs lurking beneath your sheets. Contact OnGuard Pest Services today if you're looking for the most dependable bed bug control treatments in the Prospect Heights area!

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