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Pest Control for Offices, Retail & More

While a pest invasion at home can be awful, having pests invade your commercial space could be devastating to your business. Businesses are vulnerable to all kinds of pests, from ants to mice to spiders and more, often due to their proximity to the things that pests like such as access to food in waste bins and plenty of space to build their home. But when customers see a mouse or a cockroach making themselves at home in your business, chances are they won’t be coming back. Depending on your business, pests could pose a threat to your inventory and your employees, as well. It’s best to contact a reputable company like OnGaurd to deal with your commercial pest control issues.

Monthly Pest Management Keeps Pests Gone

At the first sign of pests, get in touch with our pest removal team. We’ll verify the presence of the pests and develop a treatment plan to get rid of them as soon as possible. Once they are gone, we’ll work with you to create a plan that ensures they stay gone. To do this, OnGuard offers monthly pest management services that includes treating commonly infested areas of your commercial space. That includes bathrooms, loading docks, lounges, storage areas, offices, locker rooms, hallways and more. We use environmentally sound sprays and powders to eliminate pests without causing any harm to you or your customers.

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We’re ready to help you with your pest control problems on your commercial property. We’ll use the most effective methods to help protect you from unwanted invaders. Give us a call at 838-444-6414 or contact us through our website to get our team started on pest removal for your commercial property.

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