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All About Brooklyn Mice Pest Control Services

You can try to get rid of mice with traps purchased from your local hardware store, but don't be surprised when they just keep coming back. The only surefire way to remove mice from your home or business is to get help from a licensed pest control company in Brooklyn. Using more advanced methods of mice removal and exclusion, pest control professionals will be able to restore your property to rodent-free condition.

Whether you need mice control in Brooklyn for an apartment, house, office or warehouse, OnGuard Pest Services is the pest control company to call. Our technicians will first inspect your building to identify mice entry points, hiding places, and attractants. With a better understanding of your mice infestation, we'll be able to develop a custom mice control strategy for your business or home.

It often takes a variety of different methods to get rid of mice in Brooklyn. The first step will be to place traps inside your building and poisoned bait stations outside to eliminate as many mice as possible. Our team understands that different techniques may work better for different properties and we work closely with our customers to make sure they're comfortable with every action we take to exterminate mice.

Removing an active mice infestation is only the first half of the mice control process. Next, our specialists will perform mice exclusion services to eliminate all possible entry points. By sealing up cracks in your building's exterior and placing durable covers over vent openings, we'll be able to prevent other mice from sneaking inside.

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