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All About Brooklyn Rat Pest Control Services

There are some pests that can be safely eliminated with store-bought products; rats aren't one of them! If you find rats living in your home or business in Brooklyn, you'll need to hire a professional pest control company to remove them. Trained rodent control technicians use tried and tested methods to get rid of rats and make sure they never come back.

If you choose OnGuard Pest Services for rat control in Brooklyn, our licensed exterminators will first conduct an inspection of your business, apartment or house. This allows us to find all entry points used by rats to gain access to your property, along with factors that attracted rats inside and the areas where rats are living in your building. Once we've assessed your rat infestation, we'll be able to tailor our plan to effectively eradicate the rats from your home or business.

Getting rid of rats may be a multi-step process. We'll work with a variety of treatments, including traps and poisoned bait stations, to clear out all rats active on your property in Brooklyn. If you have concerns about certain methods of rat control, we encourage you to share them with us so that we can adapt our plan accordingly.

Good rat control doesn't end when your current rat problem is solved. Our team will follow up by performing rat-proofing services to block off all possible rat entry points to your building, such as exposed vent openings or holes in the siding. We can also help you to eliminate rat attractants like easily accessible food garbage and leaking pipes.

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