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How to Choose the Best Mice Exterminator Near You in Brooklyn

Mice thrive in Brooklyn, often relying on local homes and businesses for food and shelter. Because mice multiply so quickly, once you find them, it's best to call a rodent exterminator immediately. But with so many pest control companies operating in the area, it can be difficult to decide which one to work with. If you want to make the right choice, follow these tips for hiring a good mice exterminator:

  • Read online reviews from an exterminator's former clients. Internet resources like Google and Yelp will usually have many reviews that you can read through to learn if an exterminator does a good job. A total lack of reviews and a large number of negative reviews are both red flags.
  • Check if the exterminator is licensed and insured. Any exterminator in Brooklyn should have a license to operate and insurance to cover anything that goes wrong. A pest control company operating without the proper licensing and insurance shouldn't be trusted.
  • Find out if the exterminator offers a mice control warranty. Mice are notorious for popping up again after they've seemingly been eliminated, so it's important that your exterminator is committed to finishing the job. Make sure that an exterminator offers a warranty on the efficacy of their mice control before hiring them.
  • Ask about an exterminator's mice removal methods. It's only worth hiring a mice exterminator in Brooklyn if they're going to use advanced techniques that will yield better results than store-bought rodent control products. If you get the feeling that your exterminator is a novice, you're better off finding someone else for the job.

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