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How to Choose the Best Pest Exterminator Near You in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to a plethora of pests and they're always trying to get into local homes and businesses. Whether you've got rodents, termites, roaches or any other pests, the safest way to get rid of them is by hiring a certified pest exterminator. But how do you pick the best exterminator for the job? Check out these tips for hiring a qualified local exterminator:

  • Look up reviews on online resources. Google, Yelp and other websites should have reviews from past customers. If you can't find any reviews for your exterminator or you stumble upon a lot of negative reviews, you may be dealing with someone shady. Hire an exterminator in Brooklyn who has a large number of positive reviews posted online.
  • Check that your exterminator has the proper licensing and insurance to operate in Brooklyn. An unlicensed exterminator may use dangerous methods to get rid of pests and an uninsured exterminator may refuse to take accountability if their work fails or causes damage. By checking that a pest exterminator is licensed and insured, you can rest assured that you're actually dealing with a professional.
  • Make sure the exterminator's work is warrantied. If an exterminator leaves and you discover that they failed to thoroughly get rid of your pest problem, it's perfectly fair to expect them to return and finish the job. But if an exterminator does not offer a warranty on their services, you may wind up having to pay them for incomplete work. By making sure they're committed to coming back until all the pests are gone, you'll save yourself a possible hassle down the road.

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