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How to Choose the Best Rat Exterminator Near You in Brooklyn

Rats are found all over Brooklyn and can become a menace to both homes and businesses. When you discover rats inside your building in Brooklyn, you should contact a rodent exterminator to eliminate them. Since there are countless pest control companies in New York, you may wonder, "How do I choose the best exterminator?" Follow these tips to make sure you hire a reliable rat exterminator:

  • Ask about licensing and insurance. Rat control involves working with dangerous chemicals, so you don't want an unlicensed, uninsured novice coming in and applying them around your home or business. If an exterminator in Brooklyn has the proper licensing and insurance, they're much more likely to be trustworthy and effective.
  • Make sure your exterminator has experience dealing with rats. Rats tend to be much harder to get rid of than most bugs and even smaller rodents like mice. Hire a certified rat exterminator in Brooklyn, not one who mostly has experience with smaller, easier pests.
  • Ask about an exterminator's warranty on their rat control. Getting rid of rats is one thing, keeping them gone for the long run is another. Make sure that the exterminator you choose offers some kind of warranty that guarantees they'll come back if the rats return in a short time frame.
  • Check out online reviews from past clients. Google Reviews and other online resources should contain plenty of reviews and ratings, allowing you to determine the reliability of an exterminator. If their reviews are mostly positive, they can probably be trusted to get rid of your rat problem.

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