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How to Get Rid of Pests in Apartments in Brooklyn

There are many species of pests that often invade apartments in Brooklyn, seeking food, water and shelter. Within your apartment, pests can cause costly damage and spread harmful bacteria to your family. Follow these tips to get rid of pests in your apartment:

  • Be careful not to leave food out, whether leftovers or table scraps. Opportunistic pests like rodents and roaches will invade your apartment to feast on any readily available food in your kitchen. Make sure leftover food is secured in tight containers and all kitchen garbage is disposed of promptly to prevent luring pests into your apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Set up traps to eliminate any pests that have invaded your Brooklyn apartment. While they may not be able to remove a large infestation, store-bought traps can effectively eliminate a few stray pests in your apartment. There are different types of traps for different species of pests and their efficacy may vary, though snap traps for rodents and glue traps for insects tend to be the go-to choices.
  • Install a door sweep at the bottom of your front door to keep pests from crawling under it. Roaches, ants and even rodents can easily squeeze in under your apartment's door if you do not have some kind of guard installed.
  • Work with a licensed pest control company in Brooklyn to eradicate all pests from your apartment. Pest control technicians have the equipment and the experience necessary to thoroughly get rid of pests and prevent them from returning to your apartment.

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