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How to Get Rid of Rats in Apartments in Brooklyn

Of all the pests in Brooklyn, rats are probably the most dreaded. It's not hard to see why; rats are frighteningly large, can cause a lot of damage inside your apartment, and carry a number of diseases. If you want to get rid of rats living in your apartment, here are a few tips:

  • Rats love to steal food and often invade apartments in Brooklyn for this purpose. Disposing of food garbage promptly and keeping leftover food in sealed containers can discourage rats from trying to get at it. Keep an eye on your pet food, too, because it's just as tasty to rats as to your dog or cat.
  • Holes and cracks in your apartment walls should be sealed with a durable sealant. Rats often use walls like a highway to move through apartment buildings, slipping in and out through these holes. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter and won't hesitate to enlarge a hole so they can squeeze their way in.
  • Set up rat traps throughout your apartment in Brooklyn. Rats often hide under furniture, cabinets and appliances, so be sure to place traps in these areas. You can purchase a wide variety of rat traps, from snap traps to glue traps, at your local hardware store. Using live traps is ill-advised since rats are clever and will have no trouble returning to your apartment after they're set free.
  • Work with a pest control company in Brooklyn to protect your apartment with professional rat control services. Licensed rodent control technicians will be able to both get rid of rats already living in your apartment and effectively prevent more from getting in.

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