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How to Get Rid of Wasps Near Apartments in Brooklyn

Wasps are widely feared for their aggressive temperaments and venomous stings. As such, it can be very disconcerting to discover a wasp nest near your apartment in Brooklyn. Wasps pose a potential danger to the tenants of an apartment, especially those with allergies, making it imperative to get rid of wasps quickly. Here are a few methods to remove wasps and their nests:

  • Remove any factors that may be attracting wasps to your apartment. Commonly, wasps swarm near apartments in Brooklyn because there's a ready supply of food, often as the result of uncovered trash cans. Placing tight lids on trash cans can help to keep wasps out, which may deter them from swarming or nesting on your property.
  • Hang wasp traps outside your apartment in Brooklyn. A few different types of wasp traps are available, but all of them are designed to lure in, entrap, and kill marauding wasps. If you have a small, newly-established infestation of wasps near your apartment, strategically placed traps may be able to completely exterminate them before they build a nest.
  • Remove wasp nests near your apartment in Brooklyn. Beware that this is a task which can be very dangerous if mishandled, as wasps will defend their nest by swarming and stinging. The safest way to remove a wasp nest is to first get rid of wasps in and around the nest with a long-distance insecticide spray. Then, detach the nest into a trash bag for disposal. To minimize the chance of a wasp counterattack, conduct wasp nest removal at night when wasps are dormant and will be slower to respond to an attack.
  • Hire a pest control company in Brooklyn to perform wasp nest removal services for your apartment. Licensed exterminators will be able to safely exterminate swarming wasps and remove their nests, fully eliminating an infestation.

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