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How to Get Rid of Waterbugs in Apartments in Brooklyn

Many pests find their way into apartments in Brooklyn, and waterbugs are among the most revolting. Waterbugs will make themselves at home in remote areas of your apartment and can spread dangerous bacteria within. Follow these tips to get rid of waterbugs in your apartment:

  • Waterbugs frequently crawl into apartments in Brooklyn to search for food. These pests aren't remotely picky; they'll snack on everything from bread to pet food to garbage. If you keep all food in your apartment in sealed containers and dispose of food waste promptly, you're less likely to have to deal with waterbug issues.
  • As their nickname suggests, waterbugs have an affinity for water. They often congregate in moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you have any leaking pipes in your apartment, repair them quickly before they create the damp conditions that attract waterbugs.
  • Place waterbug traps around your apartment in Brooklyn. Many different types of waterbug traps should be available at your local hardware store. A combination of glue traps and bait stations will probably yield the best results in waterbug control.
  • Apply boric acid to areas where waterbugs congregate, like under sinks and behind toilets. This powder will lethally dehydrate waterbugs that come into contact with it, killing them in a couple of days.
  • Contact a pest control company in Brooklyn to provide waterbug control services for your apartment. Pest control professionals are specially trained on how to exterminate waterbugs. They'll use a variety of effective methods to thoroughly get rid of all waterbugs marauding around your apartment.

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