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How to Prevent Mice From Getting Into Brooklyn Commercial Buildings

Having mice infest your commercial building in Brooklyn can have severe consequences. Mice can damage your business's bottom line by destroying inventory and chewing through electrical wires in walls and ceilings. Mice can also pose a significant health threat to your staff and customers, especially in the food service industry. Use these techniques to prevent mice from becoming a problem in your commercial building:

  • Take out your trash as often as possible. Mice will gladly raid garbage cans for scraps of food and paper. Promptly disposing of garbage, especially food waste, in outdoor dumpsters will mitigate the risk of a mouse problem inside your commercial building in Brooklyn.
  • Regularly inspect all storage and utility areas for signs of mice activity, such as gnawing damage and droppings. Mice are nocturnal and elusive, so they can linger in a commercial building for a long time without being spotted. Food stores are at particularly high risk of mice infestations, but any storage and utility areas might be used as a hiding spot by marauding mice.
  • Apply fresh weather stripping to doors and windows of your commercial building in Brooklyn. Mice can squeeze through very small spaces but durable sealant should be able to keep them out. For added security, place sweeps on the bottoms of all exterior doors.
  • Get professional mice prevention services from a pest control company in Brooklyn. Working with pest-proof barriers, certified pest control experts will be able to block off the entry points frequently used by mice to invade commercial buildings. They can also advise you on how to protect high-risk areas of your property from mice.

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