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How to Prevent Rats From Getting Into Your Brooklyn Apartment

A rat is probably the absolute last thing you want to see inside your apartment in Brooklyn. Getting rid of rats is a frustrating chore, but preventing them from getting in is much less of a headache. Here are some tips to keep rats out of your apartment:

  • Seal off any large holes you find in the walls of your apartment in Brooklyn. As frighteningly large as rats can be, most of them can squeeze their bodies through a hole the diameter of a quarter. Even if a hole isn't big enough, rats will gnaw at it until it is. Using a pest-proof sealant to close off holes will make it much tougher for rats to get in.
  • Avoid leaving out any food, whether it's a fresh-baked pie you're letting rest or chicken bones in the kitchen sink. Rats will munch on any unsecured food they can find. Keep them from raiding your kitchen by storing all food in lidded containers. Dispose of food waste regularly as well; the worse your kitchen garbage smells, the likelier rats are to come sniffing after it. If you're concerned about a rat presence, you should also be careful about leaving pet food out overnight.
  • Hire a local pest control company in Brooklyn to exclude rats from your apartment. Pest control professionals are experts at pest-proofing apartments to eliminate rat attractants and close off all possible entry points. Working with professionals is the most effective way to keep rats from getting into your home.

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