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How to Prevent Waterbugs From Getting Into Your Brooklyn Apartment

Waterbugs multiply quickly so once a couple of them get into your apartment in Brooklyn, you'll be dealing with an infestation in no time. Preventing waterbugs from infesting your apartment tends to be much easier than removing them once they're established. Try these waterbug prevention tips:

  • Seal cracks in your pipes and holes in your wall or floor as soon as you discover them. Waterbugs can slip into your apartment through incredibly small spaces, and they often emerge from drains or pipes. Closing off openings through which these pests can come crawling in is a great first step toward waterbug prevention.
  • Clean your apartment - especially your kitchen - on a regular basis. Waterbugs will happily feast on the crumbs on your floor, the scraps in your garbage, and the leftovers sitting on the counter. Frequently cleaning your kitchen surfaces, washing your dishes, and throwing away your garbage will make it less likely for waterbugs to invade your apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Reseal all exterior doors and windows in your apartment as needed. Small cracks around the edges of windows and doors are all it takes for waterbugs to slip their way in. Applying weatherproof sealant to drafty doors and windows should be able to prevent waterbug intrusion into your apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Hire a pest control company in Brooklyn to perform waterbug exclusion services. Using top-grade prevention barriers, pest control technicians will be able to thoroughly pest-proof your apartment, keeping waterbugs out.

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