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What Attracts Mice to Homes in Brooklyn?

If mice keep getting into your home in Brooklyn, you may be wondering, "What attracts them here in the first place?" Unfortunately, there are several reasons that mice love to invade our houses and apartments. The biggest mouse attractants are:

  • Food - Mice are voracious eaters that aren't picky about what they nibble on. Mice love to eat nuts, seeds, sweets, grains, berries, and even meat. Ironically, despite what you've seen in cartoons, cheese is one of the foods that mice are less fond of. Everyone has food in their homes, but how you store it can determine whether or not you suffer a mice infestation. Keeping food in tightly lidded containers, never leaving uneaten food out overnight, and frequently disposing of food waste are all good ways to prevent mice from being drawn to your home in Brooklyn.
  • Water - Like food, water is something that mice need to survive. If there is easily accessible water in your home, mice will certainly take advantage of it. Leaking pipes are often responsible for luring mice into homes in Brooklyn, and they'll also gladly take drinks from your pets' water bowls. By repairing leaks and cleaning spills quickly, you can reduce the risk of mice invading your home.
  • Shelter - Mice are pretty close to the bottom of the food chain and that means finding a safe place to nest is vital. Because our homes are warm, sheltered from the elements, and devoid of predators, they make ideal places for mice to live. Mice can make their nests in all sorts of unlikely places, such as inside walls and under kitchen cabinets. You might not see them but if you hear them squeaking or find they're droppings, you'll know you've got them.

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