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What Attracts Rats to Homes in Brooklyn?

Rats have always been a problem for homes in Brooklyn, but do you know why they're so determined to share our living spaces? In general, the pursuit of three basic necessities draws rats into our homes. The things that attract rats inside are:

  • Food - Rats are omnivores, meaning that they'll gladly chow down on just about anything. It's common for rats to eat berries, nuts, and seeds, but they'll also happily eat meat if given the opportunity. To avoid drawing rats into your home in Brooklyn, you should make sure that you never leave food out in the open. Keep snacks in the cabinet, tightly lid and store leftovers, and dispose of kitchen garbage on a regular basis. Keep an eye on pet food, too, as rats will munch on it if they think the coast is clear.
  • Water - Water is another basic necessity that often attracts rats into homes in Brooklyn. If your house or apartment provides rats with a consistent source of drinking water, you might wind up with an infestation. Puddles created by leaking pipes commonly attract rats into homes and they may also start relying on your pet's water bowl.
  • Shelter - Your home provides rats with excellent shelter, which is another reason they're so eager to get in. Homes provide shelter from both predators and bad weather, and offer plenty of warm, dark places for rats to hide, breed, and raise their offspring. Rats often nest inside of walls, but they may also make their nests under furniture or cabinets.

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