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What Attracts Waterbugs to Homes in Brooklyn?

Waterbugs are a common presence in homes in Brooklyn but if they seem particularly drawn to your house or apartment, there may be a particular reason. A few factors make some homes more alluring to waterbugs than others. Common waterbug attractants include the following:

  • Water - They're called waterbugs for a reason; these pests are inexorably drawn to wet and moist areas, which is why infestations in kitchens and bathrooms are particularly common. If you have leaking pipes or a leak in the roof, that could be the reason for your recurring waterbug problem. Repair any leaks in your home as soon as you notice them to avoid a waterbug infestation.
  • Food - Waterbugs are scavengers that tend to feed on decaying organic matter, and they aren't picky. Just about everything you throw in your garbage can become a feast for these pests. Dispose of food waste on a frequent basis to avoid a waterbug infestation in your home in Brooklyn. You should also minimize how long dirty dishes are allowed to sit, since this can be all it takes to attract waterbugs.
  • Shelter - Waterbugs are often drawn into our homes by the promise of shelter from predators and bad weather. This is why waterbug infestations in Brooklyn are especially common during winter. Monitor moist and humid areas of your home - especially around drains - for any signs of waterbug activity. If your house has a basement or crawl space, be particularly vigilant, as waterbugs often congregate in such areas.

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