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What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Rats in Brooklyn?

Rats are dirty pests that seem able to take over buildings in Brooklyn with uncanny speed. Worse still, once they're dug in, rats can be extremely difficult to remove from a home or business. Many rat control products exist, with some being more effective than others at quickly getting rid of rats.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to get rid of rats in Brooklyn is to set up poisoned bait stations outside of your building. Bait stations are not only highly effective at killing rats, they're also safe to use since children and pets can't get into them. The only drawback to bait stations is that the poison will not kill rats immediately, meaning that a rat may ingest the poison and then die inside your building, creating a terrible smell.

If you have a smaller rat infestation, traditional snap traps may be the fastest way to get rid of the rodents. Unlike bait stations, snap traps kill rats instantly. Try baiting your traps with peanut butter, seeds, or pet food for the best results. The main problem with this method of rat removal is that rats are actually quite clever and often figure out how to retrieve bait without springing the trap. Be wary of using other types of rat traps like glue traps and live traps. Adult rats are often strong enough to escape from glue traps, while a caught-and-released rat is likely to find its way back into your home or business.

If you really want to get rid of rats quickly, you should hire a rodent control company in Brooklyn. Licensed professionals work with the most effective baits and treatments to eliminate rat infestations much more quickly than you'll be able to on your own.

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