website-photes-day-2-256-300x199When it comes to bed bugs, the challenge is often in detecting the microscopic pests. Once the legend of bedtime tales (‘Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite), bed bugs are becoming a serious nuisance in modern life. Our trained bed bug detecting dog Parker is ready to serve you and help keep you and your family safe from bed bugs.

Parker attended one of the most intense and highly respected training facilities in the country at the Florida Canine Academy. Trained almost exclusively by Certified Master Trainer Bill Whitstine, Parker learned to focus on the distinct but very subtly scent that bed bugs give off. With over 600 hours of training before his handler, Todd Corsello, were introduced, Parker is one of the best bed bug detecting dogs in the region.

In order for this partnership to work effectively, Todd had to attend training of his own at the Florida Canine Academy. Two weeks’ worth of training and as a result, Parker and Todd work symbiotically and synchronously and have become a tandem that is determined to rid your home of bed bugs permanently. Parker and Todd train every day, even when Parker isn’t working in the field.