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Mice SERVICE- Fort Greene

Don't let rodents destroy your domain.

Mice Control in Fort Greene, NY

Would you like mice control services in Fort Greene?

A mice infestation can have terrible consequences for your home or workplace in Fort Greene. Mice can access your building through even the smallest openings, and they'll soon wreak havoc by chewing through insulation, wires and other materials. They can also spread leptospirosis and other diseases through their waste.

You might first try eliminating mice with store-bought traps but this is unlikely to end your infestation. If you want to completely remove all mice from your Fort Greene property, you'll need to work with a professional rodent control company.

Effective Mice Removal

If you're tired of trying to remove mice from your business or home in Fort Greene, OnGuard Pest Services will conduct an inspection to locate all mouse entry points on your property. Our experts will use advanced control strategies to thoroughly exterminate every last mouse in your building.

To prevent future mice problems in your home or commercial building in Fort Greene, our technicians will use exclusion barriers to cut off rodent access. Finally, we'll clean and disinfect your property, clearing out any mouse nests, droppings and pheromone trails we find.

Brooklyn's First-Choice Mice Control Company

Mice are a serious threat to the integrity of your building and the health of everyone who uses it. Contact OnGuard Pest Services today for the most reliable mice control services in the Fort Greene area!

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