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Mice SERVICE- Williamsburg

Don't let rodents destroy your domain.

Mice Control in Williamsburg, NY

Would your home or business in Williamsburg benefit from mice control services?

The search for food and warmth commonly brings mice into local homes and businesses around Williamsburg. Unfortunately, mice are destructive pests that will tear apart wiring, woodwork, insulation and PVC. Their urine and feces can also spread salmonella and many other diseases to whoever lives or works in your building.

Mice are a particularly challenging pest to deal with because every time you trap one, two more seem to take its place. Your best option for clearing all the mice out of your building in Williamsburg is to get help from a seasoned rodent control company.

Fast & Safe Mice Removal

If you're concerned about a mouse presence in your business or home in Williamsburg, OnGuard Pest Services will inspect your building to determine where the mice have been getting in and where they're nesting. With this information, our pest control technicians will be able to remove the mice from your property as quickly as possible.

Following effective mice removal, our team will perform prevention services by placing pest-proof barriers over any openings on the exterior of your building in Williamsburg. We'll also disinfect any part of your property that was infested by mice to kill off bacteria and pheromone trails.

Brooklyn's Hardest Working Mice Control Experts

Never allow a horde of mice to make themselves at home in your living or working space. Reach out to OnGuard Pest Services today for first-class mice control services in the Williamsburg area!

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