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Moth service - Brooklyn Heights

Your solution to pesky moths

Moth Control in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Do you need moth control solutions in Brooklyn Heights?

It's annoying enough to have moths fluttering around your kitchen light but it's much worse if they manage to lay eggs in your home. If moth larvae hatch in your Brooklyn Heights home, they'll soon swarm all over the place and cause damage. Certain moth larvae invade pantries to feed on grains while others take refuge in closets, eating away at clothes.

Getting rid of moths is a challenge that you should not attempt to tackle on your own. When moths infest your home in Brooklyn Heights, it's best to get help from an experienced pest control company.

Reliable Moth Control Solutions

At OnGuard Pest Control, we specialize in exterminating moths for our neighbors in Brooklyn Heights. Our specialists will inspect your home to find moth larvae lurking in the pantry, the closet or anywhere else. We'll work quickly to end the infestation with treatment solutions that may include insecticide, pheromone traps and more.

Since moths often spawn throughout the year, it's important to be prepared with prevention solutions. Our technicians will work to eliminate factors that attract moths to your home in Brooklyn Heights, and to exclude them from returning to your property.

The Top-Rated Moth Control Company in Brooklyn

Whether they're raiding your pantry or chewing on your socks, you really don't want to live with moths. Contact OnGuard Pest Control today for the most effective moth control services in the Brooklyn Heights area!

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