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Moth service - DUMBO

Your solution to pesky moths

Moth Control in DUMBO, NY

Would you like professional moth control services in DUMBO?

Moths are drawn into DUMBO homes by bright lights and, if they find the right conditions, they're likely to lay eggs. When those eggs hatch into larvae, they'll quickly spread through your apartment and eat whatever sustenance they can find. Moth larvae are infamous for getting into closets and eating away at clothes, and they also infest food in pantries.

Shooing adult moths out the window is annoying enough but getting rid of moth larvae is a very difficult chore. To exterminate a moth infestation in your home, work with a trusted pest control company in DUMBO.

The Most Effective Moth Control

When moths become an issue in your DUMBO home, you'll need to work with OnGuard Pest Control to remove them. Our professionals will start by inspecting your home to determine if the moth infestation is based in your closet, your pantry or anywhere else. Next, we'll implement the most effective solutions to get rid of the moths, which may include careful insecticide applications and the use of pheromone traps.

If you're worried about having to deal with moths again, our technicians can keep them out with prevention techniques. We'll block moths from entering your home in DUMBO and advise you on how to eliminate the conditions which attract them to begin with.

The #1 Moth Control Company in Brooklyn

You shouldn't have to worry about moths contaminating your pantry and ransacking your closet. Speak with OnGuard Pest Control today for top-tier moth control services in the DUMBO area!

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