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Moth service - Fort Greene

Your solution to pesky moths

Moth Control in Fort Greene, NY

Do you need help to get rid of moths in Fort Greene?

You may think of moths as harmless insects that flutter around lights at night. However, when they invade your closets, pantries and other storage areas, they can cause extensive damage. If left unchecked, moths can lay eggs, with their larvae destroying clothes, furniture, and dry food.

Getting to the root of a moth infestation can be difficult, so working with a professional moth control specialist is the wisest choice. For effective moth control results in Fort Greene, you can rely on a trustworthy pest control company.

Reliable Moth Control Specialists

OnGuard Pest Control is the leading local moth control company in Fort Greene, and you can rest assured that our services will quickly solve your moth problems. Getting rid of moths with DIY products is usually ineffective, but you can trust our affordable and long-lasting moth control solutions to solve your moth problem for good.

We will conduct an inspection of your home in Fort Greene with extra attention paid to pantries, closets, and other risk areas. Our technicians utilize eco-friendly and effective insecticides, traps, and other moth control methods to fully wipe out all eggs, larvae, and adult moths. OnGuard’s moth control includes prevention solutions like attractants and sealing access points, so infestations are unable to recur.

Brooklyn’s Premier Moth Control Company 

You should never have to deal with moths ruining your food or favorite clothes. Get in touch with OnGuard Pest Control today for second-to-none moth control services in the Fort Greene area!

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