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Don't let rodents destroy your domain.

Rodent Control in DUMBO, NY

Do you need rodent control services in DUMBO?

Rodents are tenacious pests that just love to break into homes and businesses in DUMBO. Once inside, rats and mice will wreak havoc by gnawing on drywall, insulation and whatever else they come across. Worse still, rodents will leave streaks of urine and piles of feces everywhere they go, which can result in the outbreak of such diseases as leptospirosis and salmonella.

Controlling mice and rat populations is difficult since they breed at such a breakneck pace. You can try DIY tactics or snap traps, but you're unlikely to have much success. The only way to permanently end a rodent infestation in your residential or commercial building in DUMBO is to hire a professional rodent control company.

Expert Rodent Control

If you think rodents have invaded your home or business in DUMBO, OnGuard Pest Services will perform an inspection to detect all signs of rodent activity and learn where they're living and moving on your property. With this information, our experts will engage control tactics to swiftly exterminate all of the rats or mice with carefully positioned traps.

Upon eliminating every single rodent, our team will follow up by closing off all entry points to exclude other rodents from sneaking in. To remove the threat of disease transmission, we'll also clean up rodent nests and feces, then sanitize your home or workplace in DUMBO.

The Most Reliable Rodent Control in Brooklyn

Don't sit idle while rats or mice take over your home or business. Call OnGuard Pest Services today for the most effective rodent control services in the DUMBO area!

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