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Don't let rodents destroy your domain.

Rodent Control in Fort Greene, NY

Do you need rodent control services in Fort Greene?

There's nothing more revolting than a rodent infestation inside your home or business in Fort Greene. Rats and mice can slip in through tiny nooks and crannies, then proceed to make themselves at home by gnawing on insulation, wires and other materials. An additional problem is their ability to spread diseases like leptospirosis and hantavirus through their droppings and urine.

Once mice and rats start breeding on your property, your problem will get much worse. Store-bought traps might take out a couple of rodents but they'll be next to worthless against a whole colony. The only way to eliminate all of the rodents from your residential or commercial building in Fort Greene is to summon help from an experienced rodent control company.

Thorough Control for Rats & Mice

If you've stumbled upon a rodent infestation in your home or business in Fort Greene, OnGuard Pest Services will inspect your property to identify your rodent species and their entry points to your building. Our technicians will quickly develop and implement a control strategy to exterminate all of the rodents inhabiting your home or workplace.

Once your property in Fort Greene is rodent-free, our crew will make sure it stays that way by sealing off any possible rodent entry routes. Then, we'll remove all lingering reminders of the infestation by disposing of remaining rodent waste and sanitizing their former living areas.

The #1 Rodent Control Company in Brooklyn

It's impossible to find peace of mind when there are rats or mice scurrying around you. Call OnGuard Pest Services today for the highest quality rodent control services in the Fort Greene area!

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