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RODENT SERVICE- Prospect Heights

Don't let rodents destroy your domain.

Rodent Control in Prospect Heights, NY

Have you discovered a rodent problem in Prospect Heights that requires professional control services?

Rodents are filthy pests that can easily infiltrate your home or business in Prospect Heights, creating an unsanitary environment. Mice and rats are destructive, too; they'll relentlessly chew away at wiring, insulation and anything else they can file their teeth on. A rodent infestation can also transmit diseases such as hantavirus and leptospirosis.

Getting rid of rodents is hard because they multiply at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, DIY tactics aren't very good at eliminating a rodent presence, either. If you want rats and mice to be gone for good, let Prospect Heights' top-rated rodent control experts lend a hand.

Get Rid of Rats & Mice Forever

If rodents have invaded your business or home in Prospect Heights, OnGuard Pest Services will conduct an inspection to determine what rodent species you're dealing with and where they're entering your property. Next, our team will work swiftly to remove every last mouse or rat from your building.

As soon as your Prospect Heights property is rid of rodents, our experts will install rodent-proof barriers to keep more from getting in. In the process, we'll clear out any rodent waste or nests we find and perform sanitization services.

The Top Rodent Control Company in Brooklyn

Mice and rats are disgusting pests that have no place in your living or working environment. Contact OnGuard Pest Services today for gold-standard rodent control services in the Prospect Heights area!

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