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Thousands of dollars in damages because of these creatures.

Comprehensive Termite Pest Control

Termites are incredibly destructive. The colony feeds on the wooden structures and floors of your property 24 hours a day, which means they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property before you even know that they are there. If you suspect you could be experiencing a termite issue, our experiencing a termite problem, our experience termite extermination team will come to your New York City-area home or office and do a thorough inspection. If we found evidence of a termite problem, we’ll get to work immediately on eliminating the pests and setting up a treatment plan to ensure they don’t come back.

Our Experienced Termite Extermination Team is Ready to Get to Work

With termite pest control services from OnGuard Pest Control though, you can prevent a termite infestation before it starts. We know how to prevent termites from getting into the structure of your home in the first place, making our termite prevention service an invaluable investment into the health of your home or commercial property. Our family-owned and operated business provides superior pest control services along with customer service that you can depend on when you need it.

Get a Consultation on Termite Treatment in New York

If you suspect you have a termite problem or want to stop one before it starts, it’s time to call OnGuard Pest Control. We offer consultations on our termite treatment services so you know exactly what we can do to help you. Call us or contact us through our website for more information on termite control today.

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