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These ugly creatures are tenacious until we deal with them.

Waterbug Control in DUMBO, NY

Would you like waterbug control services in DUMBO?

You may know them as either oriental cockroaches or waterbugs but, either way, these dirty pests are not something you ever want to see inside your home in DUMBO. Waterbugs thrive in wet climates, and often use pipes and drains to infiltrate homes. Within your home, waterbugs will spread E. coli, salmonella and many other types of harmful bacteria.

Even more so than other cockroach species, waterbugs are frustratingly difficult to exterminate. If you never want to find one in your DUMBO home again, you should hire a licensed cockroach control company.

Professional Waterbug Control

If waterbugs have become a problem in your home in DUMBO, OnGuard Pest Services will conduct an inspection to figure out how waterbugs have been getting in and why your home is appealing to them. Our specialists will make use of tactical insecticide treatments to purge all waterbugs from your property.

Since more waterbugs are bound to come crawling out of the drain, our team will set up pest-proof barriers that will keep them out of your home in DUMBO for good. If you're worried that waterbugs will find another way in, you should schedule regular pest control services with OnGuard.

The Most Effective Waterbug Control in Brooklyn

There's no reason to go on sharing your home with waterbugs. Give OnGuard Pest Services a call today for the premier waterbug control services in the DUMBO area!

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