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How to Get Rid of Rats in Commercial Buildings in Brooklyn

Rats can be a nightmare for all types of commercial buildings in Brooklyn. Whether they're stealing food from a restaurant or nesting in the products at a warehouse, rats can damage and contaminate your building and your inventory. Here are some techniques to eliminate rats from your business:

  • Keep your products stored in secure spaces and inside of impermeable containers. Rats are most notorious for getting into food stores but they'll make a nest in just about any type of dark space, which often leads them to gnaw their way into cardboard boxes. Frequently inspect your storage rooms for any evidence of rat damage to make sure you don't have a problem.
  • Fix any leaking pipes or sprinklers and clean up pooling water in your commercial building. Rats have an affinity for water and will be drawn to areas where they can get a free drink. Closely monitor areas with standing water like bathrooms and utility rooms for rat activity.
  • Lay down rat traps around your commercial building in Brooklyn. Many types of rat traps are available and some might not be a good fit for your industry, so make sure to research your safest option. Snap traps on the inside of your building paired with bait stations on the outside often prove the most effective in getting rid of rats.
  • Get rat control services from a commercial pest control company in Brooklyn. The products and techniques used by licensed rodent control technicians will be more effective than DIY alternatives. Professionals will also be able to identify rat attractants and entry points that you may need to eliminate.

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