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How to Get Rid of Roaches in Commercial Buildings in Brooklyn

Many commercial buildings in Brooklyn struggle with cockroach infestations. When roaches get in, they can damage or contaminate your product and supplies, which is especially hazardous if you work in a food packaging or service industry. Follow these tips to get rid of roaches that have invaded your commercial building:

  • Keep your products securely stored, which is especially important if you have food products in your commercial building. Cockroaches will be quick to infest any easily accessible food stores. They also feed on many other materials, like paper and cardboard.
  • Fix any leaking pipes in your commercial building to prevent cockroaches being drawn to the water. Closely monitor any areas of your building that are frequently wet or moist, since roaches are likely to congregate there.
  • Place cockroach traps around your commercial building in Brooklyn. Many roach traps exist, with some killing the pests instantly and others distributing poison through their colony. Review your options to identify the best choice for your industry.
  • Apply boric acid power to any areas of your commercial building where you've noticed a cockroach presence. Roaches will die within 72 hours of being affected by boric acid.
  • Contact a commercial pest control company in Brooklyn to get rid of the cockroaches in your building. Trained pest control experts will know the best methods and products for getting rid of roaches in your commercial building, whether it's an office, warehouse, restaurant or anything else.

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