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How to Get Rid of Wasps Near Commercial Buildings in Brooklyn

Unfortunately, most commercial buildings in Brooklyn provide ample opportunities for wasps to nest. Whether they build a nest from the eaves of your roof or inside of your walls, having a colony of these aggressive stinging insects on your commercial property is bad for business. Follow these tips to get rid of wasps near your commercial building:

  • Try to eliminate wasp attractants around your commercial building in Brooklyn. If you deal with food products, make sure that all food waste is disposed of in tightly lidded garbage receptacles; otherwise, wasps are likely to swarm and feast upon it. When gardening on your commercial property, be wary of planting too many brightly colored flowers, which act as a beacon to wasps. Yellow is particularly alluring to wasps, so be careful of planting yellow flowers, using bright yellow paint on your building exterior, or wearing yellow uniforms.
  • Place wasp traps around the exterior of your commercial building in Brooklyn. Wasp traps use various baits to lure wasps in and kill them. Hanging traps along your roofline can eliminate wasps that have been congregating on your property. Be sure to check and replace the traps on a regular basis for ongoing, effective wasp control.
  • Bring in a commercial pest control company in Brooklyn to provide wasp extermination and wasp nest removal services. Professional pest control operators are specially trained on how to get rid of wasps and wasp nests without being stung repeatedly, allowing them to effectively remove an infestation from your commercial property.

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