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How to Get Rid of Waterbugs in Commercial Buildings in Brooklyn

Waterbug infestations are, regrettably, a common occurrence for commercial buildings in Brooklyn. If waterbugs become established on your property, they can damage your inventory and spread allergens and bacteria to your staff and clientele. If you want to thoroughly remove waterbugs from your commercial building, follow these tips:

  • Make sure all products, particularly food products, are stored in secure packaging. Waterbugs will run rampant through vulnerable products, spreading contamination. By keeping them from getting into your inventory, you can prevent a waterbug infestation in your commercial building in Brooklyn.
  • Repair leaking pipes throughout your commercial building. Waterbugs, as their nickname suggests, can survive underwater for long periods of time and often enter buildings through pipe leaks. Even if they find another way in, waterbugs tend to congregate in moist areas. Addressing leaks promptly can keep you from having to contend with large numbers of waterbugs.
  • Set waterbug traps throughout your commercial building in Brooklyn. What type of trap works best for your premises may depend on the function of your commercial building. Glue traps tend to be most effective for quickly eliminating small numbers of waterbugs while poison bait stations are better for getting rid of a larger number. If you're not keen on traps, boric acid also functions effectively as a waterbug killer.
  • Bring in a commercial pest control company in Brooklyn for waterbug control services. Licensed pest control operators have advanced training on how to thoroughly exterminate waterbugs from commercial buildings, allowing them to achieve more effective results than you'll be able to with store-bought traps.

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