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How to Prevent Pests From Getting Into Your Brooklyn Apartment

From ants to rodents, Brooklyn is home to many different types of pests that often infest apartments. Since pests can be extremely difficult to exterminate, it's best to prevent them from getting into your apartment at all. Here are a few helpful pest prevention tips:

  • Keep your apartment well-cleaned and don't let garbage pile up. All species of pests are drawn by the smell of food, so make sure any food in your apartment is kept in sealed bags or tightly lidded containers. It's also best to dispose of food waste quickly to keep it from attracting pests into your Brooklyn apartment.
  • Check your apartment's exterior windows and doors to ensure they have an airtight seal. If there's a draft coming in, that means small pests like ants and roaches can easily slip in, too. Apply weatherproof sealant to windows and doors as needed, and install a door sweep on any doors leading outside to keep pests out of your apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Seal holes or cracks in your walls, floor, and pipes. Any such openings can become entry points for opportunistic pests, so sealing them off is essential to pest prevention. It's especially important to fix leaking pipes because if they moisten and rot your wood, your apartment could fall victim to a termite infestation.
  • Contact a pest control company in Brooklyn to provide pest prevention services for your apartment. Licensed and trained pest control specialists can install effective prevention materials to pest-proof your apartment, and can also advise you on how to avoid luring pests in to begin with.

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