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What Attracts Pests to Homes in Brooklyn?

Pest infestations are a common problem for homes in Brooklyn, which may leave you to wonder why they're so determined to share our living spaces. There are three main factors that draw all species of pests into our homes. These pest attractants are as follows:

  • Food - The need to eat is what most commonly tends to drive pests inside homes in Brooklyn. Rodents, ants, and roaches will munch on just about everything we can eat as well as things we can't. If food of any kind is easily accessible to pests, they're likely to move into your apartment. To prevent pest issues, be diligent about cleaning your dishes immediately after eating and disposing of food waste regularly. Any food that is kept in your home should be stored in airtight containers to prevent pests from getting into it.
  • Water - Thirst is another basic need that leads to pest infestations. Waterbugs, mice, and many other pests are often drawn into apartments by leaking pipes and the moist conditions they create. Termites, in particular, are allured by wood that has been rotted by moisture. To keep pests from being attracted to your home in Brooklyn, fix any pipe leaks and clean any water spills as soon as you notice them.
  • Shelter - Our homes offer shelter from predators and the elements. This is another of the main reasons that pest infestations occur - and the primary reason that pest problems are so prevalent in Brooklyn during winter. Within your home, pests may live beneath cabinets and furniture, under the sink, or even inside of your walls. If you've had pest problems, inspect your floor and walls for any possible pest entry points, then close them off.

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